Shift Shop is the upcoming Beachbody Fitness Program by Supertrainer Chris Downing. The average and max heart rates as well as workout zones are actually lower than Speed 25, patient which I find interesting (I wouldn’t say it was any easier overall). There are 3 agility markers in Speed 35 with 2 rounds with 2 different marker formations.

You will never have to stack up uneaten protein bars in your garage because you forgot to turn off the “auto-ship” feature. Your neighbor will never look at you weird because you tried to get him to buy some protein powder so you could get yours for free.

There is a modifier and within moves you can go faster or slower. The agility markers are a great addition, search highly recommended since it was a disaster when I tried paper or other items around the house. So, price Speed 25 reminds me of a mix between 22 Minute Hard Corps and Insanity Asylum, which is awesome since I enjoy those athletic, performance based workouts.

SHIFT SHOP is for anyone that wants to ramp up their fitness fast. Because week-by-week you’re always ramping up to the next level of fitness – it’s great for busting through plateaus. Strength 45 is quite challenging and Super Strength 50 is the most fun workout for me in the program (not as challenging as Strength 45).

Formation 2 involves square hops, shoot the gap, grass pickers and fast fences. Finally, formation 3 is the toughest with skater leap, plank jumps, frog hopper and downing burpee. My favorite movements are double cross sprint and skater leap (see Instagram video near top of this blog article).

Further, the strength (resistance) workouts typically have lower calorie burns than the speed (cardio) focused speed workouts, however, as expected, the longer workouts for both strength and speed burn more than the shorter workouts (with the exception of the “Super” 50 min workouts with sandbag).

When performing these exercises for short periods of time, followed by even shorter rest periods, and then repeating, this is something known as high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. Typically, these rounds last 20 minutes or so.

Today’s workout is Strength :25. In this one, Chris helps you build a strong foundation with 1-minute intervals that feature easy-to-learn resistance moves. And here’s something you should keep in mind…

Considering Shift Shop releases in July, there’s no way to tell if it works. But, based on customers using other Beachbody products, they’re ready for the challenge.
One customer said, “I’m SO excited to get this program. This is my type of workout, I love Core De Force, and I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite.”

The first 2 workouts were 25 minutes long. The entire first week is 25 minute workouts with the exception of 2 days where you add in the core. You get a rest day or stretch day on the 7th day. Adding in the Beachbody PT Sandbag or a dumbbell, this workout features 3 rounds of calorie-scorching drills, designed to shift your endurance levels into high gear.

During the third week, you’ll experience higher-intensity, 45-minute workouts and clean eating (more whole, natural foods and less processed ones), leading to a body “that’s significantly faster, stronger, and leaner.” From there, the website claims you’ll be able to “build on these accomplishments for the rest of your life.”

Have No Doubt. You will stay committed, because the SHIFT SHOP is only 3 weeks. Feel No Fear. You won’t feel intimidated, because Chris slowly ramps you up, and there’s an incredible modifier to follow. Accept No Limits.

Jump pogo suicide was motivational with inspiration from Chris, just have to try it to shift your mindset! One move I was less excited about was heavy picker, you REALLY have to be careful of your lower back moving through the agility markers up-and-down hops/shuffle/curl with sandbag.

This one is easy:) Beachbody is a Network Marketing company (you know, MLM) and some people are REALLY uncomfortable with those types of companies because they hound you to purchase their products on a monthly basis (auto-ship they like to call it).

Just like how the workouts evolve from one week to another by increasing the time and difficulty, the Simple Shift nutrition program also makes a change each week, which we will cover in the 3 sample Shift Shop meal plans below.

This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn calories fast, and lose fat, while still increasing your strength. Whether it’s agility training, premium weight-loss moves, or the ultimate abs workout—prepare to burn fat and reshape your physique at lightning speed—all while being powered by Chris’ personal philosophy: Love. Empower. Inspire.

Monday is the speed workout and I love that Chris really challenges you to keep your head in the game, to give it your all and only modify if you need to. Don’t start with the modifier unless you know you need that as your starting off point.

Sunday I spent some time looking over the meal plan and getting our grocery list together so that we could be ready for our start on Monday. Basically it is a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein and it does follow the portion controlled container system. Although it is NOT the same as the 21 Day Fix at all.

It’s about so much more than helping you just get fit and lose weight. It’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself. Chris encourages you to envision what you want to look like and accomplish THAT.

The Shift Shop Workout is finally here! Below you will find the workout calendar, meal plan, and a information on how you can join my EXCLUSIVE launch party group!

Each workout has a “SHOP RULE” Chris discusses at the start to keep you engaged and focused. Nutrition is CRITICAL for getting the results you want with this program and the targets are aligned with the Shift Shop clean eating system based on your stats and goals (see Shift Shop nutrition guide).

Tuesday was strength and I used a combination of 10, 12.5 and 15 lbs weights depending on whether it was upper or lower body exercises. There are 1 minute intervals and he throws in some surprise holds and pulses in the intervals to really challenge you! You want to make sure that you use a weight that challenges you as well.

Afternoon snack is 1 cup strawberries and 2 tsp almond butter. Dinner is 1 yellow of grilled chicken, 1 green of broccoli and 1 yellow of sweet potato.

From the total-body moves to the rigorous nutrition plan, every aspect of SHIFT SHOP is designed to challenge you, both physically and mentally. But, here’s why it’s well worth your while to do it: even if you’re not in peak athletic shape, you can still transform your body and mind over the course of three weeks.

You obviously don’t have to eat exactly that but for my meal plan this is what a typical day is for me! I also get to to have energize and recovery from the Beachbody Performance line. Each participant has a different calorie level based on their body type, weight and goals.

Up the ante with new dynamic drills that continue to ramp-up your conditioning and get your ready for any challenge. The ultimate resistance workout created to challenge every muscle group to increase definition and get the very best out of you.

The Shift Shop program is priced at $59.85 and includes a total of eight workouts, a Jump Start Guide, Agility Markers, a 3-week calendar, and the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide.

But it’s also easily adaptable to multiple fitness levels. “This program is attainable for beginners, because it can ramp them up over the three-week period to feel comfortable and in shape enough to do another program, or to do SHIFT SHOP again,”

Chris takes the most results-driving training methods-effective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goer and tailors them to help you achieve significant total-body transformation. This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn fat and reshape your physique at lighting speed.

One of the most popular forms of HIIT is CrossFit, which aims to strengthen the entire body. However, anything that involves high-intensity intervals can qualify, including lifting weights at the gym, sprinting and doing push-ups in your driveway, or going through a Shift Shop workout in front of your TV.

Most Beachbody programs come with 30-90-day refund policies, although we won’t know the specifics for Shift Shop until it’s released on July 12, 2017. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more, so be sure to check back.

Well week 3 begins for our Shift Shop test group! I love that my husband and I have been doing this together and even being pregnant this program has been great! I am 20 1/2 weeks and have not modified yet, other than some push ups…

Strengthen your core as you breathe through 9, 1-minute ab-shredding exercises. 20 minutes of focused stretching to alleviate tightness and get you ready to continue the Shift. we realize there are a lot of people who like to get great workouts at home from amazing trainers (Like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Sagi Kalev to name a few) but don’t want to deal with any Multi-level-marketing company.

These days, ‘high-intensity’ is the buzzword within the fitness industry. Which, like its name implies, references workouts that quickly elevate your heart rate and push your muscles to exhaustion.

Absolutely! Each move can be modified so that people at any level of fitness will be able to succeed in doing this program! Chris has a personal training background where he works with people of all fitness levels and he really wanted to make sure that he created an accessible program so help everyone!

Chris Downing is a proven personal trainer who has just one goal in sight: to help you accelerate the change you’ve always wanted. As creator of the Shift Shop fitness program, Chris’ engaging, motivation-based approach helps you grow stronger both physically and mentally. It’s about so much more than helping you just get fit and lose weight. It’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself.

I will get to my data summary shortly, however, overall I REALLY like the Shift Shop program created by Chris Downing. I think that the workouts are solid and definitely provide a total body challenge with focus on functional movements and agility.

The program works and the nutrition plan is awesome. To me, Shift Shop feels like a mix of Insanity Asylum, Max:30, Body Beast and 22 Minute Hard Corps. I was pumped to press play on the first resistance-based workout in my Shift Shop Review and I fully expected this workout to have marked similarities to Insanity Asylum Volume 1 or even T25.

Honestly, I thought this was going to be easy since it is one of the Week 1 workouts in Shift Shop at 25 minutes, where Week 2 is 35 min and Week 3 45 min… but, it was definitely a challenging workout! The thing is, you can make it as hard as you want.

I found frog hop, bear crawl, baby hop and plank shifters challenging. Legs and shoulders were on fire! Many of the movements also involved a “shift” where you reverse direction around the agility markers on command from Chris. Good stuff!!

Week three is similar to a “countdown to competition” plan – with nearly all starchy carbs and fruits eliminated. Carboholics may feel like this program is a definite challenge. You will not feel as if protein is lacking at all; you can have beef, chicken fish, etc.

Its about so much more than helping you just get fit and lose weight. Its about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself.

Seriously, it was designed for people of all fitness levels. “It was created for everybody, but definitely with the athlete in mind,” Friedman says. “A lot of the moves were inspired by football drills, basketball drills, soccer drills, and other sport-specific exercises designed to enhance agility, coordination, speed, strength, and power.”

Chris Downing is a proven personal trainer who has just one goal in sight: to help you accelerate the change youve always wanted. As creator of the Shift Shop fitness program, Chris engaging, motivation-based approach helps you grow stronger both physically and mentally.